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Top 5 secrets of choosing the best Windows for your home in Ontario

Are you someone who just bought a home or looking to replace your windows?

Deciding to replace windows in your house can sometimes be overwhelming especially since this would be a decision that would affect your home in the years to come.

However, do you know what you would need in order to ensure you have the best quality windows and who you should contact to replace your windows?

Here are a few secrets that would help you with this

When is the best time to replace my windows?

Secret# 1: Know when to replace windows

Many of us are not aware as to when it is time for us to replace windows until we notice rotting or condensation around the frames or if we notice air coming through the gaps and don’t feel safe. Besides these factors, we also want to replace our windows for noise reduction, security and curb appeal. However, one of the most important factors that I would consider important to me would be the comfort factor.

Here are some key factors I would consider when replacing windows for my home in Canada

New Construction Windows vs Replacement Windows

Secret# 2: Understand the difference between new construction windows and Replacement windows

It is imperative to first understand if you are looking to install new windows or replace them. If you are looking to change the overall shape and structure of the window opening or want to change the appearance and feel of your home, I would recommend you purchase new construction windows. Installation of new windows would require you to render the services of a Licensed Contractor in your Province but keep in mind that this would be a much more expensive option in comparison to replacing your windows.

Now if you notice rotting or condensation around the frames, you should replace them. If you are looking to remove old windows in your home but have the frames and trims intact and they don’t compromise on your home décor, I would recommend Installing replacement windows. If you have frames that are in good condition, I recommend you choose pocket or partial replacement windows that would fit right into the existing opening and would be less labor intensive, thereby saving your cost.

Secret# 3: Pick a Window Style that you would be most comfortable with

If you look around the market, you will come across various styles of windows. The most popular ones you would see are the Single Hung, Double Hung and Casement windows, although you will also find other types including Sliding windows, Awning windows, Picture windows, Bay and Bow windows.

Single and Double Hung Windows

These are the type of windows that move vertically for open and close operation. The primary mechanism of the Single hung windows is that only one of the windows will move vertically, while double hung windows are those with both windows moving vertically for open and close. You also have an option for tilt on both these window styles and which are seen more prominently in traditional homes.

Single hung windows perform better than double hung windows under wind resistance and has a more contemporary look to it. These styles of windows are also more Energy efficient and a less expensive option in comparison to double hung windows.

Double hung windows offer better ventilation and are much easier to clean although they are less secure if they are not shut properly.

Casement Windows

Sliding Windows

Secret# 4: Pick the right frame material for your window

Picking the right frame material is equally important once you decide on the window style you wish to proceed with. This would give you a better feel for your home and you will be more satisfied.

There are 3 main types of material you can find in the market today. These are wood, Vinyl and fiberglass.

While wood and Vinyl are the most common, fiberglass is less common since they are more suited for the wind and don’t work as well for areas that are more prone to rainfall.

Vinyl has a limited color palette available but is relatively less expensive if you are looking to save costs. However, the relative advantage that Vinyl has is that they require less painting and maintenance.

Wood frames are a classic option for homes today but are more expensive and require regular commitment to maintenance. This is because wood frames require frequent sanding, scraping and painting to maintain it for long time use. Some wood frames come with pre-painted interiors which can add cost to each window that you purchase and could also require a repaint during maintenance.

If you are looking to maintain an elegant wooden interior and a low maintenance exterior, you can also choose clad windows. Cladding is a protective coating for the exterior of wood windows which helps improve its longevity while also giving a desirable feel to the window interior. You will be able to purchase these clad windows in Aluminium, Vinyl or Fibreglass.

Aluminium clad windows are extremely durable and affordable although they are less energy efficient since they transfer heat more easily.

Vinyl clad windows are energy efficient while also being low maintenance and affordable.

Fiberglass clad windows are new in the market today but are also durable, low maintenance and energy efficient. In fact, Fiberglass clad windows are more energy efficient than Vinyl clad windows since they have less expansion or contraction thereby keeping windows more sealed and comfortable for you.

Secret# 5: Pick the right glass for your windows

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to ensure that you choose the right glass when you are looking to replace your windows.

With various types of window glasses available in the market today, how would you know which one you would need to pick for your house?

This really depends on what you consider as most important for the comfort of your own home. If you ever felt air passing through your windows then you know they are inefficient. This would be the most important requirement you look for when choosing your glass. The right glass will definitely help you make your windows work well.

There are so many variations of glasses, whether it’s multi-panel or energy coated the best way to decide is to speak with a pro in the industry and have them assess your home! You don’t want to have the wrong combination and end up with beautiful new windows but inefficient.

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